Guida dell'autore

Norme per la presentazione di articoli

Title (not more than 12 words and uppercase and lowercase letters suggested). The article may be submitted in Spanish or Italian or English

Authors, separated by commas.

Institutions of reference of each author.

Maximum abstract of 150 words in Spanish and English and Italian.

Keywords: three to five descriptors or keywords.

The body of work separated by subtitle in bold, upper and lower case letters.

List of references in APA format.

Notes (whose calls appear in the text in parentheses) should appear at the end of the document. For the elaboration of the critical apparatus the format of the APA can be followed (see documents and links recommended below).

About the format and typography:

The digital file must be compatible with the following word processors: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), OpenOffice Writer or LibreOffice (.odt). PDF texts are not supported.

Source: Arial, 12 points; Use case in subtitle; All pages numbered.

Do not use different fonts and different colors.

The tables and graphics convert them to JPEG files and send them as attachments. Engraving feet and graphics titles should be in italics.

Respect a maximum length of 25,000 characters (counted with spaces). The collaborator can send, under his responsibility, more extensive materials. The drafting team reserves the right to draw up a synthesis at its discretion. The space of photographs, graphs, diagrams, etc., must be subtracted from the number of characters.

About the authors:

In an attached file add the following information regarding the author (s):

  • First name,
  • Academic degree,
  • Institution in which you work,
  • Brief curriculum, no more than 200 words,
  • Full postal address,
  • Telephone and email.