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Cultori dell’Incontro

Scholas Chairs’ Journal online

Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2019

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ISSN 2683-7560





Carlos Novella García (pg. 4 – 7)  PDF Article


Topic I - Educating for Fraternal Humanism: Innovative education (Arts, Sports and Technology)


Collaborative Work: Consulting a pedagogic support project

Carmen Rosales Varo, Juan Carlos de la Torre & F. Javier Huertas Delgado (pg. 8 – 16)  PDF Article


Service-Learning as a bridge of collaboration between School and University

Sílvia Albareda, M. Teresa Fuertes & Eugenia Cerna (pg. 17 – 30)  PDF Article


Art and emotional education with high school students: An inter-areas project of innovative pedagogy

Mª Victoria Vergara PlaYolanda Ruiz Ordóñez & Gonzalo Alberó Alabort (pg. 31 – 40)  PDF Article


Learning Network Program

Luciana Vaz Allan & Mariana Clini Diana (pg. 41 – 47)  PDF Article


UpToYou: Identity, Thankfulness and Reconciliation for a Society of Encounter and Peace

José Víctor Orón Semper (pg. 48 – 65)  PDF Article


Topic II - Laudato Si’ – Education for an integral ecology: environmental and social sustainability


The Technosocial as a means of Dialogue and Transformation: the Experience of the Recyclers Project

Tiago de Mello Cargnin, Paulo Fossatti & Cledes Antonio Casagrande (pg. 66 – 75)  PDF Article


Innovative Curricula with social projection through Integrative Workshop on Sustainable Habitat at the UPB Colombia

Osvaldo Cano Torres, César Alejandro Isaza Roldán, Jaime Alexis García Guzmán, José Adrián Ríos Arango, Verónica Henriques Ardila, Luis Felipe Lalinde Castrillón, Juan José Cuervo Calle & Marcela Cardona González (pg. 76 – 91)  PDF Article


Women and migration: Learning-Service at the Dorothy Day shelter house

Yolanda Ruiz Ordóñez & Agustín Domingo Moratalla (pg. 92 – 101)  PDF Article


Play in Chad. A task for their hands, for inclusion

Juan Tomás Asenjo Gómez & Juan Carlos Torre Puente (pg. 102-109)  PDF Article


Topic III - Education for interreligious and intercultural dialogue for sustainable peace


Interreligious harmony in Albania as a model for Europe

Genti Kruja & Isuf Alla (pg. 110 – 120)  PDF Article


The Politics of Hospitality and Belonging as Instruments of Peace and Justice

Alfonso de Toro (pg. 121 – 133)  PDF Article


Authors (pg. 134 – 141)  PDF Article