About Scholas Chairs

About Scholas Chairs
The Chairs are spaces of reflection and action connected in a great network, in which each subject (professors, researchers, and students) is enriched by the Encounter with each other, through bonds that develop between Scholas Chairs and schools fro

The goal is to generate concrete cooperation on experiences and case studies that will serve as models to apply in different contexts, developing synergies between universities, schools and projects; as well as to involve students in the process of comprehensive research and generate actions destined to help the community.

Scholas Chairs perform diverse activities:

A. Support for educational and social projects: Scholas Chairs provide educational support and expert consulting for projects placed on Scholas.Social platform, directing them to the pedagogical principles of Scholas.

B. Didactics: Communication of contents produced by Scholas Chairs (through active and motivating methodologies).

C. Research: Professors and students can elaborate a comprehensive research on the subject proposed by the Chairs. It could also involve the development of specific doctorates.

D. Awareness-raising and insertion in public policies: Promoting dissemination, communication and training on the values of the Culture of Encounter in the various areas of society.

Academic Year of Scholas Chairs:

Scholas Chairs Program develops in cycles called Academic Years. The academic year of Scholas Chairs starts and finishes with an International Congress in which the projects carried out in different contexts, its impact on the community, level of awareness and eventually of incidence in public policy are presented.

To this end, all worldwide participants are part of a space for exchange of experiences, re-discussion of the theoretical principles in light of the experiences within the framework of the International Congress, which gives visibility to the Chairs. These international meetings take place each year, changing country and continent. The academic year ends with a publication that includes results of the investigation, description of the technical model applied, good practices and "lessons learned" that will arise as a result of the collective construction of the group of Universities involved.

Scholas Chairs Program currently involves 100 universities and 35 observer organizations from 35 countries.

Previous congresses:

2016: Pontificial Academy of Sciences (Vatican City) with the participation of 40 universities from 14 countries.

2017: Catholic University of Valencia (Spain) with the participation of high ecclesiastical authorities and academics from Spanish Universities.

2017: Harry Truman Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the participation of 41 universities from 20 countries.

2018: Castelgandolfo (Italy) with the participation of 75 universities from 30 countries.

2019: Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, New York, June 2nd - 4th, 2019. 


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